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ACTOR: Hugh Jackman
X-MAN: Wolverine
MUTANT POWER: Heightened senses, super healing factor and retractable razor sharp bone claws.

From his history with the weapon-x program, his claws and skeleton were covered with indistructable adamantium, making his claws super lethal weapons.

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Wolverine watches up

Wolverine shows his claws(2 pics)

Wolverine with one claw

Wolverine is going to fight against Magneto

Wolverine shows his claws 3 pics (2 new)

Wolverine stands 2 pics (all new)

Wolverine pic taken from

Wolverine pop-up claws

Wolvie VS evil-men 2 pics (1 new)

Wolvie in the adress room

Wolverine in his first costume

Wolverine in his second costume

Wolverine I

Wolverine II

Wolverine III

Wolverine IV

Wolverine V

Wolverine VI



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